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Friday, February 3, 2017

Refugee ban actually harms national security

Catholic leaders: Refugee ban actually harms national security

By Adelaide Mena
Rather than protecting U.S. interests, recent executive orders restricting immigrants and refugees could actually pose a threat to national security, warned a group of Catholic leaders on Wednesday.

Knights of Malta seek to reaffirm commitment to the poor

By Elise Harris
After a tense row with the Holy See led to the resignation of their Grand Master and the reinstatement of ousted Grand Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager, the Order of Malta has reaffirmed their priorities amid the crisis, stressing that the poor must always be put first.

Despite terror, Aleppo's Christians have hope, desire to rebuild

By Hannah Brockhaus
Despite the destruction caused by nearly six years of conflict between rebels and pro-government forces, the people in Aleppo, especially the Christians, are filled with vitality, hope, and a desire to rebuild, to return to a normal life, a Vatican official said after a recent visit to the city.

In Louisiana diocese, new bishop promises to give his all

Bishop David P. Talley now heads the Diocese of Alexandria, with Pope Francis’ acceptance of the resignation of Bishop Ronald P. Herzog.

You are called to be leaven, Pope tells consecrated men, women

By Hannah Brockhaus
Everyone, but especially consecrated men and women, Pope Francis said Thursday, are called to be leaven in the world, bringing Christ to the people – even when it seems like the work goes unnoticed, or there is another who would do a better job.

Trump defends refugee policy as part of protecting religious freedom

By Matt Hadro
President Donald Trump on Thursday insisted that protecting religious freedom is a U.S. priority, while defending his recent halt of refugee admissions as a necessary step to protect that freedom.

Doctor cleared after having family 'hold down' patient during euthanasia

A Dutch doctor who drugged an elderly woman and had her restrained as she fought lethal injection has been cleared by a review panel for “acting in good faith.”

Why this slain priest's opposition to the death penalty matters

A priest who was murdered in 2016 had previously certified that he would not want his murderer executed. Three Catholic bishops say his voice should be heard.

What the pro-life movement can learn from Planned Parenthood

By Matt Hadro
Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain – but rather than dismissing it, pregnancy help centers may be able to learn from its strengths as a brand, said one research analyst.

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