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Monday, February 20, 2017

Muslim and Christian refugees form 'impossible' friendships

As church and society diverge, so do Christianity's liberals and hardliners
The Economist: Catholic and Anglican quarrels reflect a vast and growing disconnect between the traditional teaching of the church and the way people actually live in historically Christian countries.

A new book for those who cling to a "post-racial" Christianity
Religion Dispatches: In "The Death of Race," theology professor Brian Bantum explores how issues of race and gender are theological complexities fundamental to understanding humanity's place in the world.

Is anti-Semitism truly on the rise in the U.S.? It's not so clear.
The Washington Post: Trump was asked about anti-Semitism at his news conference on Thursday.

Ohio, where Muslim and Christian refugees form 'impossible' friendships
The Atlantic: Away from the pressures of civil war and strife, Arab Muslim and Christian refugees are building communities that support one another as they draw from their respective traditions.

Lack of education leads to lost dreams and low income for many Jehovah's Witnesses
NPR: When it comes to education, not all religions are created equal. Jehovah's Witnesses have the lowest rate of formal education. And that can have a detrimental effect on those who leave the religion.

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