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Monday, February 20, 2017

Changing Minds on Abortion

Investments for the Kingdom
Eventide Funds has confounded the investment world with its success — and its biblically based principles.
Jeff Haanen
Not long ago, when reporters wrote about Robin John, the cofounder of Eventide Asset Management, a subtle snicker rumbled under the surface. One called him "The Believer"; others pointed out the odd language on his Boston-based mutual fund company's website: business as an "engine of blessing" and "biblically responsible investing." Theology as the foundation for picking stocks? Is this guy for real? Today the murmurs seem to have faded, and for good reason... continue reading >>

A Stroke Freed Me from Fleeting Beauty
Former beauty queen Katherine Wolf reveals how a nearly fatal experience altered her faith.
Trump Adviser's Megachurch Withholds Major Donation from SBC
Prestonwood Baptist diverts denominational giving over concerns about Russell Moore's ERLC.
Christian History
Bishop Before His Time
Samuel Ajayi Crowther's consecration as the first African Anglican bishop looked like a great leap forward for the church. But the talented ex-slave collided with the roadblock of racism
Changing Minds on Abortion
5 former abortion advocates speak out
Roe v. McCorvey
What made 'Roe' betray the pro-choice cause?
The Exchange
Missions Sunday: Are You Ready to Change?
Church in California supports more than 90 missionary families.

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