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Friday, February 17, 2017

Black, white, and blue: how Christians rate the police

Thou shalt not speak alternative facts: religion and lying
Religion News Service: What do the Abrahamic religious traditions say? Is lying always wrong? What are the moral and spiritual consequences of telling a lie?

The clergy has moved on. It's the bishops who are out of touch
The (London) Guardian: Church of England synod's rejection of same-sex marriage report shows the problem of having glorified administrators focused on unity at the head of the church, says Giles Fraser.

News flash: When the pope speaks, it isn't always about the U.S.
Crux: Popes make generalized statements about politics or ethics all the time, and most cultures are mature enough to recognize it's not always about them.
America: Pope Francis to activists: Stand with migrants, do not deny climate science, there is no such thing as 'Islamic terrorism'

Washington State Supreme Court rules against florist who turned away gay couple
The Washington Post: In a victory for gay rights advocates, Washington's Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against a Christian florist who was fined by the state for refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding.

Black, white, and blue: how Christians rate the police
Christianity Today: Race influences views of US law enforcement more than religious tradition -- except locally.

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