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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Singleness: My Only Companion

Ultrasounds Help Bridge Evangelical and Catholic Theology
Pregnancy centers find common ground in the pro-life cause.
Kate Shellnutt
First Image, which operates four Portland-area pregnancy resource centers and Oregon's first mobile ultrasound unit, recently received four new ultrasound machines — a donation worth more than $120,000. To do so, the evangelical ministry first had to overcome a theological barrier to forge a deeper partnership with pro-life Catholics. continue reading >>

Singleness: My Only Companion
I've never been in a serious relationship despite my desire to one day marry. God is teaching me to hold that desire loosely.
How Lifting My Hands in Worship Became My Protest to God
I have to let go of how inappropriate it feels to approach Christ with such boldness.
Latasha Morrison: The Church Is the 'Only Place Equipped to Do Racial Reconciliation Well'
The founder of Be the Bridge reveals her vision for solving America's race problem.
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How to Be at Peace and Get What You Want
Fortune 500 CEO Brad Hewitt's wisdom for moving past our insatiable cravings.
Speaking Out
Where Obama's Final Push for a Two-State Solution Leaves Trump
Three Christians explain the intensifying world debate over Israel's West Bank settlements.
The Exchange
Ten Reasons Every Church-Planting Team Needs a Worship Leader
Worship is warfare.
The Exchange
A New Q&A on Facebook: Join Me Each Tuesday at Noon CST
The Exchange
November 8th Is Long Gone, So Where do Christians Find Themselves?
God doesn't love countries. He loves people.
Supporting Small Churches Does Not Mean Bashing Big Churches
When we bash churches for becoming big, we fail to recognize the power of the gospel to draw people to Jesus, in both large and small crowds.
The Exchange
Repealing Obamacare without a Replacement: How It May Hurt Small Church Pastors and Church Planters Near You
ACA repeal/replace has a lot of implications.

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