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Friday, January 20, 2017

Should you pray for Donald Trump no matter how you voted?

You should pray for Donald Trump no matter how you voted
The Washington Post: This very act of praying is itself a counter-cultural act, says Russell Moore.

ARDA: Studies suggest it may be helpful for pastors to recognize their own human needs and shortcomings even as they attempt to be a personal model of holiness.

For Donald Trump, faith has become the perfect alibi for greed
The (London) Guardian: You can't entirely blame Trump for theological ineptitude when all he has heard from the pulpit is that God bestows his blessings through wealth, says Giles Fraser.

Paula White, Trump's spiritual adviser, says he has 'a hunger for God'
The New York Times: The televangelist Paula White wants those watching the inauguration on Friday to know that Donald J. Trump has "a heart for God, a hunger for God."
Religion News Service: Prosperity, heresy and Trump: Inauguration pastor Paula White answers her critics

Christians say Hollywood ignores them. But they ignore great films about faith.
The Washington Post: It's a fair question to ask why Hollywood doesn't make more movies for Christian audience, and worth answering with another: Why isn't anyone watching "Silence"?

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