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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Evangelical experts oppose Trump's plan to ban refugees

Religious education -- broken?
Commonweal: It's not enough to say religious education is broken. What we need to consider more fully is the ecology of institutions that either function together with the church school or work against it.

Evangelical experts oppose Trump's plan to ban refugees
Christianity Today: World Relief and other major ministries argue that compassion and security are not opposing forces.
Religion News Service: Refugee ban, border wall: Religious leaders respond

Trump's hypocritical immigration ban punishes Muslims from countries America has destroyed
Quartz: The message is clear: If you come from a country the US has bombed, occupied, invaded, attempted to overthrow, or funneled weapons to, stay out. We don't want you. We owe you nothing.

Path to power: Who funds the religious right?
Inside Philanthropy: With an unlikely ally in Donald Trump, the Christian Right is again riding high in Washington. Here's a list of who's footing the bill for its powerful infrastructure of policy and advocacy groups.

The Catholic church's old guard faces a mortal threat. It's called Pope Francis
The (London) Guardian: His disregard for the rule book has transformed the institution he leads. But Francis's internal opponents won't go down without a fight.

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