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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A psalm for the refugee crisis in America

Why evangelicals are speaking out against Betsy DeVos
Politico: The conservative Christian education secretary nominee would seem like an evangelical favorite. But some from within her own faith say she's not right for the job.
Religion & Politics: Advancing God's kingdom: Calvinism, Calvin College, and Betsy DeVos

Religious leaders condemn Trump's immigration order. But who's listening?
CNN: Few issues unite American religious leaders across the spiritual and political spectrum. Condemning President Donald Trump's new executive order on immigration is now one of them. But will the people in the pews heed their calls to action?

A psalm for the refugee crisis in America
Christianity Today: When our government is wrong, the church responds by doing what is right.

On immigration, Franklin Graham is dead wrong
Baptist News Global: Franklin Graham is dead wrong about immigration, refugees and the Bible. And his comments will have deadly consequences, says Mark Wingfield.

Texas mosque gutted by mysterious blaze raises more than $900,000 to rebuild
The New York Times: A Texas mosque that was gutted by fire over the weekend has raised about $900,000 in donations since Saturday to go toward rebuilding, a mosque official said on Monday.

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