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Friday, December 2, 2016

The 'madness' of mercy

Final goodbyes: pastor embraces death on her own terms
The Hartford Courant: There was one thing that Lou Gehrig's disease was not going to take from the Rev. Nancy Butler: the right time to die.
The Hartford Courant: Pastor Nancy Butler: My decision to go home to God

Why so many American Christians don't understand protest
Religion Dispatches: Protest at its core is disruptive. As a Christian, Leah Pannel says her faith tells her that God understood this and disrupted the world in a human body.

The 'madness' of mercy
Commonweal: What's at the center of Francis's papacy.

Catholic Church could play larger role in a post-Fidel Castro Cuba
USA Today: Castro's death could embolden the Catholic Church to take a more proactive role in Cuba and bolster its budding relationship with his brother, President Raúl Castro.

Tom Brady, sociologist of religion
The Atlantic: A new documentary series, co-produced by the quarterback, Michael Strahan, and Gotham Chopra, is a surprisingly meditative look at the way sports give people a sense of meaning in life.

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