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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Seminaries start Black Lives Matter courses

When you're the one in the captain's chair
Religion News Service: As an interim pastor, David Gushee is learning that being the leader of an organization creates a whole different set of responsibilities -- and opportunities.

Trump's religious dealmaking pays dividends
Politico: The president-elect shrewdly courted evangelical leaders during his presidential run, and that transactional style appears likely to carry into the White House.

Seminaries start Black Lives Matter courses
Religion News Service: As more African-Americans are killed at the hands of police, seminaries have begun to engage with the movement and investigate how their theology can be enlisted to improve race relations.

Churches report 'dramatic' loss in confidence over youthwork
Christian Today: Researchers find that smaller congregations in the UK often do not offer anything for teenagers and even those who do provide for young people say what they offer is not effective.

Vatican reiterates that homosexuals shouldn't be priests
Crux: In a new document on the priesthood, the Vatican's Congregation for Clergy has reiterated that men with "deeply rooted homosexual tendencies" shouldn't be admitted to Catholic seminaries and, therefore, shouldn't become Catholic priests.

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