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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Addiction Had Chosen Me

Realizing My Addiction Had Chosen Me Began My Road to Recovery
Framing addiction as a chronic disease gives a broader framework for understanding.
Timothy King
I can't remember much about the day when everything went wrong. No obvious moment indicated that the standard outpatient procedure would lead to weeks in the ICU, months in the hospital, and almost a year out of work. Memories of a dark hospital room and slowly blinking lights come back in fevered fits. Dislocated voices from intrusive floating faces were saying that things would be alright. I had known pain before: crutches, casts, and stitches. But until this moment, pain had always been experienced as something outside of myself. Now it was all that was left of me. continue reading >>

CT's Christmas Gift Buying Guide
Meaningful gifts for your family and friends.

Opposition to Assisted Suicide Dies Out
Most Americans, including 4 in 10 evangelicals, want doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives.
Why One Standing Rock Pastor Won't Preach About the Pipeline
Tonya White Mountain lives out the Christian call to be a peacemaker.
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Four Consistent Conversations We Must Have with Ourselves
As it turns out, talking to ourselves may not be so crazy.
Arrival's Terrifying Vision of a Global "Unfriending"
Although caused by aliens, the breakdown in communication in Arrival feels all too familiar.
What a Rabbi Taught Me About Keeping Christ In Christmas
When people come to your church this Christmas season, they want to hear the story of Jesus. Give them what they came for.
Book Review
A Journey as Old as Humanity Itself
What's behind our timeless fascination with religious pilgrimage?
Why Being a Woman in Seminary Is Worth the Work
It's not always easy to get there, but the blogosphere needs more of us.
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What is Biblical Preaching? A New Series, starting with Kyle Idleman
Southeast Christian Church Teaching Pastor is the first in a new series
British Government Affirms Christmas at Work
New report details when workers' faith expression is protected and when it can get them fired.
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Scarlet Hope
Louisville-based ministry shares the love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry

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