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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Catholics who choose euthanasia cannot receive last rites

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In the name of God, Russian village strongly opposes ‘condom manufacturing on a holy site’

Orthodox Christians protesters of a proposed factory in Bogolyubovo want 'purity' and not the jobs the factory would create.
By Fr. Mark Hodges

Swiss bishop: Catholics who choose euthanasia cannot receive last rites

Bishop Vitus Huonder cautions the faithful in a diocesan pastoral message that 'like murder, suicide is also contrary to the divine order of the world.'
By Jan Bentz

Famed moral theologians urge Pope Francis to renounce ‘misuses’ of Amoris Laetitia

Two influential professors are asking Pope Francis to correct 'misuses' of the exhortation.
By Claire Chretien


I didn’t understand liberal protestors. Until I heard MILO at MSU

I just attended a speech by Milo Yiannopolos. This is what I saw.
By Jonathon van Maren


‘Mary, Did You Know?’ Of course she did; the angel called her ‘full of grace’

As a Catholic, I always cringe when I hear that line in what otherwise is a beautiful song, because it dishonors my spiritual mother by saying untrue things about her.
By Pete Baklinski

Besieged Catholic prof reflects: Love, liberal education, and the secret of human identity

True liberal education should teach us that we do not only give ourselves away: we become ourselves by the gift. We become who we are by forgetting to think about who we are.
By Anthony Esolen

A plea against an unprincipled papalism

The love for the pope does not at all demand an unconditional submission.
By Dr. Markus B√ľning

The meaning of Pope Francis’ silence

Silence can imply approval and complaisance, or the opposite: contempt, or a complete lack of interest.
By Joseph Shaw

If Pope Francis were right on adultery, the Catholic Church would collapse

Doesn’t the pope’s blessing of adultery in certain circumstances imply the collapse of almost the entire structure of Catholic sexual morality?
By David Carlin

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