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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Mysterious Religion of Bob Dylan

Election Theology
I've had to pull this edition together before the election results, so I'm shooting blindly in one respect. But not in another: God is still king, which makes all the difference, no matter who is president of the United States.

Another intriguing theology piece about the election I found in the The Week, a periodical not known for theological reflection. But columnist Michael Brendan Dougherty is a devout Catholic, though in this piece he sounds like an Old Testament prophet: "This Election Is God's Judgment on Us." I'm no prophet or the son of a prophet, but I dare say he might be on to something.

This just in: We were able to record a Quick to Listen podcast with researcher Ed Stetzer of Wheaton College on the evangelical fallout from the election. He has some very wise and insightful things to say.

Unintended Consequences of Identity Politics
One of the ironies of the campus safe-space movement is that it is promoting something we normally find disturbing:
Probably the most corrosive thing about Safe Space ideology is that it encourages the segregation and racialization of campus life. I witnessed this firsthand during a recent visit to an American campus, where I was greeted by the sight of students racially and ethnically segregated from one another while they were eating lunch. When I pointed out that the practice of segregated cafeteria tables violated the spirit of the academy, my host told me, "It's their choice to find their own space."
This new phenomenon makes for more interesting twists and turns in our conversations on race and justice — and what neighbor love looks like.
The Mysterious Religion of Bob Dylan
A few weeks ago, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. A lot has been written about that — often about whether a songwriter should qualify. But the piece I naturally found most intriguing discusses the religious faith of Dylan. This writer seems to think that Dylan is still a Christian of some sort.

I assume I'll get a few emails from Dylan fans (never been one myself) explaining why this writer got it wrong — or right. I welcome those emails, because I've been interested in his faith, if not his music (I know, I'm a Neanderthal), since his public conversion to Christ some decades ago.
'Sex and the Elk'
This almost falls into the "now for something completely different" category. But knowing that a lot of Galli Report readers are fans of Philip Yancey, I thought it would be a treat to link to this essay by him. One of the best things about it is that it's not about the election!
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Mark Galli
Mark Galli
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