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Monday, October 31, 2016

Why did the Catholic Church ban the spreading of ashes?

'Atlantic' journalist shows how to get religion right
Crux: Though specializing in religion stories, Emma Green has somehow found a way to be taken seriously by the mainstream gatekeepers of our public conversations.

Episcopal Church elects first black woman diocesan bishop
Religion News Service: The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis has elected the first black, female diocesan bishop in the history of the Episcopal Church.

What's scarier than a haunted house? At Judgement House, it's eternal damnation.
The Washington Post: Evangelical churches across the country put on Halloween-time productions of the gruesome fate that awaits nonbelievers.

After 500 years of schism, will the rift of the Reformation finally be healed?
The (London) Guardian: Pope Francis is beginning a year of events to herald growing cooperation between Protestants and Catholics

Why did the Catholic Church ban the spreading of ashes?
The Daily Beast: The Catholic Church shocked the billions of people in its flock by announcing that spreading the cremated remains of loved ones is not allowed, and there's a good reason why.

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