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Monday, October 24, 2016

Beware the (Online) Culture of Wrath

How St. John Paul II changed the Church and the world | Filip Mazurczak | In celebrating the feast day of the Polish pope, it is fitting to consider the profound and multifaceted impact of his papacy.

The Prophetic Challenge of St. John Paul II | Carl E. Olson | Pope John Paul II's rich teaching is a remarkably rich and cogent whole, a mosaic that rewards repeated study and contemplation

Fake Catholic Groups and the "Catholic Spring" Emails | Dr. Anne Hendershott | It is now impossible to deny that Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United have worked for years to undermine and manipulate Catholic leadership

Mercy is a Serious Matter | Fr. Regis Scanlon, OFMCap | We need to call attention to aspects of this Holy Year of Mercy which represent the “tough” side of God’s mercy which is easily overlooked and often misunderstood.

God, Money, and Catholicism | CWR Staff | Those wishing to equip lay Catholics to think through economic issues should spend more time explaining principles of Catholic social teaching and how they relate to each other.

Faith in Putinism: A Church-State Symbiosis | Joseph Kremers | Putin is building political power around vertical state power, central control of the economy, and reinvigoration of the military, relying on the support of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Abp. Alexander Sample Discusses His Pastoral Letter about Amoris Laetitia | Carl E. Olson | "As difficult as it can be," says the Archbishop of Portland, Oregon, "and as much of a cross it might be for us at a time in our life, God’s grace enables us to overcome our struggles, even with sin."

A cradle of early Christianity, Turkey is often unwelcoming to today’s Christians | Derya M. Little | How a land that still hosts hundreds of ancient churches became a country where less than 0.5 percent of the population is Christian.

Re-assessing the Role of the Pharisees in the New Testament | Fr. Dempsey Rosales Acosta, SSL, STD | It is very important to emphasize that the relationship between Jesus and the Pharisees was not always characterized by hate, controversy, and antagonism.

Crazy clericalism at Houston’s University of St. Thomas | Dr. Randall B. Smith | Some clerics in leadership at Catholic universities give lip service to “empowering the laity”—when their real agenda is enforcing their own ideology.

Serving the Divorced and Remarried Well | Thomas J. Nash | The perils of using subjective standards in interpreting disputed sections of Amoris Laetitia indicates the pressing need for a new Vademecum to help guide confessors

Padre Pio: The Second Pillar of the Jubilee of Mercy | Fr Nicholas Gregoris | Padre Pio was misunderstood and even maligned during his lifetime, but ultimately his authentic sanctity and heroic virtue prevailed over any forms of cynicism and skepticism in his regard.

Scientist, Theologian, Mother | Nicholas Senz | “Science is a love affair with Creation,” says Dr. Stacy Trasancos, author of Particles of Faith: A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science, “and therefore a love affair with Christ.”

Christians in Syria: “Help us pull our country back from the brink of the abyss” | Alessandra Nucci | Many Christian leaders of Syria are speaking out, asking world leaders to preserve their ancient, war-torn homeland.

Evangelization in Modern Ireland | Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan | The creative minority is the way in which God has throughout history brought about reform. He depends on the few. That has always been the way change occurred in the Church.

“I Think I am a ___, Therefore I am a ___." | John Lawrence Hill | Thoughts on Descartes, gender identity and the demise of the Reality Principle.

William Byrd and the beckoning of beauty | Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas | Style and class have been banished from most Catholic sanctuaries in our land; the transient, the ephemeral, the cheap have replaced the beautiful, the uplifting, the inspiring.

Harry Potter and the Magical Gravy Train | Fiorella Nash | The temptation to milk the lucrative Harry Potter franchise for all it’s worth appears to be nearly irresistible.

Pope Francis, new cardinals, and European bishops' leaders | Filip Mazurczak | It’s been decades since the world’s Catholic episcopate has been so polarized, a byproduct of the Francis pontificate.

Pope Francis and Martin Luther | Russell Shaw | At a time when sentimentality sometimes undermines ecumenical thinking, what difference does doctrinal differences among Christians make--isn’t God pleased with all of us?


Cardinal Robert Sarah on "The Strength of Silence" and the Dictatorship of Noise | CWR Staff | In a wide-ranging interview with "La Nef", Cardinal Sarah discusses his new book, published in France, saying, "By living with the silent God, and in Him, we ourselves become silent."

Visiting the Benedictine Monks of Norcia | Dorothy Cummings McLean | It is late September, and I have come with my husband Mark to Norcia, Italy, which is the birthplace of Saints Benedict and Scholastica.

Must one vote? | John Macias | We must move beyond the sense in which we see voting as the beginning and end of the citizen’s political activity.

On voting by not voting | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | We are fond of the remark of Winston Churchill that democracy is the worst form of government—except for all the others. While witty, this may not be totally true.

Secularism’s “moonshot” doctrine of resurrection | James Day | Secularism is nothing more than an attempt to remake Christianity’s understanding about man, God, and the world.

“Now all that is gone”: The vanishing Christian communities of Iraq and Syria | K. V. Turley | An interview with the filmmakers behind “Our Last Stand,” a new documentary about the on-going genocide perpetrated against Middle Eastern Christians.

Norms, Abnormality, and False Liberation | James Kalb | We don't have more freedom, tolerance, and respect than we used to. Instead we have constraint, suppression, and condemnation with regard to different things.

Beware the (Online) Culture of Wrath | Steven D. Greydanus | How to avoid poisoning your soul on social media

The Two-Front Culture War | William Kilpatrick | To understand Islamization, you have to understand the battles being foughtagainst the left over issues such as abortion, education, same-sex marriage, and transgender bathrooms.

The way forward after the Catholic-Orthodox agreement on primacy and synodality | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | How to reconcile Vatican I’s universalizing claims with the now publicly admitted historical fact of regional limitations to the authority of the bishop of Rome in the first millennium?

"Francis has built his popularity at the expense of the church he leads." | Carl E. Olson | Did Saint John Paul II not give the Church enough to ponder about the meaning of marriage, sexuality, family, and the feminine genius?

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