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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Women are the church's willing servants

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"Women are the church's willing servants. Who better to have her feet washed than the woman with five children under the age of 7 who misses most of Mass every week because she's been asked to run the parish nursery?"
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How a Catholic girls school changed my life

All-girls schools do something special that co-ed high schools aren't able to--they teach young women that there is power in being a woman.

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Freed from the tyranny of fear

Under the noses of the Gestapo, Alexander Schmorell and his friends used a simple mimeograph machine to attack the evil that was engulfing Germany. 

Smile more with Pope Francis

"I hope my son's exquisite joy, that gift from God, never fades. That is my wish for him: that the joy and happiness that come so easily to him as a little boy will stay with him forever."

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