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Friday, June 3, 2016

the illusion of superhero pastor

Letting go of the illusion of superhero pastor
Baptist News Global: Two months after making a spreadsheet for a cost analysis of commercial rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, Elizabeth Mangham has let go of the illusion of being a superhero pastor.

Evangelicals must not bear the mark of Trump
The Washington Post: Evangelical Christians are not merely choosing a certain political outcome. They are determining their public character, Michael Gerson says.

The radical theology that could make religious freedom a thing of the past
Texas Observer: Though it's seldom mentioned by name, it's one of the major forces in Texas politics today: dominion theology, or dominionism.

National borders exist to pen poor people into reservations of poverty
The (London) Guardian: Giles Fraser asks why, in this era of advanced globalization, do we believe in free trade and the free movement of goods, but not in the free movement of labor?
Deseret News National: The Dalai Lama thinks Europeans can do something better than offer refugees a new life

Shutting down: America's largest distributor of Christian products
Christianity Today: Send the Light Distribution was finally felled by Amazon Prime and Family Christian bankruptcy.

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