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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Religious Groups Do What the Government Won't

Research Shows Pastors Struggle With Personal Finances

The NAE released results from its survey of 4,249 pastors, showing that the majority of evangelical pastors in the United States serve in small churches with significant personal financial challenges. Pastors also report that they do not confide in anyone outside their household about financial stress. Read the press release.

Podcast — Young Evangelists

Today’s Conversation features Nick Hall, who has been dubbed by some as the "Billy Graham of the next generation," and focuses on evangelism among young people and the spirituality of young adults in America. Listen in.

Top 9 Trends in Theological Education

In an article for Ashland Theological Seminary's The Table magazine, NAE President Leith Anderson shares his observations of both the good and counter-productive changes in seminary training in the 21st century. Read the article.

Reduce the Threat of Nuclear Catastrophe

As President Obama considers a visit to Hiroshima while in Japan later this month for the G7 summit, science and faith leaders released a statement on steps the United States should take to reduce the risks posed by nuclear weapons. Read the statement.

Advocating for the Conscience Protection Act

The NAE joined with other pro-life, religious and health care organizations in a letter urging the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Conscience Protection Act of 2016, which addresses some holes in protection for health care professionals who object to abortion. Read the letter.

NAE Leaders to Children: Become Pastors!

Despite the difficult and demanding role of pastors today, a large majority of evangelical leaders (75 percent) would want their children or grandchildren to become pastors or to marry pastors. Read more.

Member Spotlight: Vision New England

Founded in 1887 as the Evangelistic Association of New England, Vision New England includes individuals, churches and organizations working together to unify, encourage and equip the diverse body of Christ in New England for intentional evangelism. Learn more.

Article Spotlight: When Religious Groups Do What the Government Won't

The Atlantic Inmates in the Little Rock branch of Arkansas Community Correction Center have three options for how to spend their day. They can stay in the prison and do work duty, washing clothes and scrubbing floors. They can get on a work crew outside of prison and do lawn maintenance and highway repair. Or, if they’re lucky, they can get into The Exodus Project, a program that teaches them how to live when they get out according to Christian values. Read more.

Event Spotlight: Pray Together Sunday

Mark your church's calendar for July 10, when different churches of different denominations across the country will join together in prayer. The NAE invites your church to commit to a time of prayer during your worship service and ask Jesus to reset our hearts and our nation. Register your church.

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