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Monday, May 9, 2016

FirstFruits NEWS - May 2016 Issue

May 2016 Issue

"A Quality Fruit Company Committed To Bearing Fruit...Fruit That Will Last" 
 (John 15:16)

Supporting Mothers in Northern Uganda
Vista Hermosa Foundation has begun a new partnership with a women-led organization in Gulu, Uganda, called Watye Ki Gen (We Have Hope). Following a 20-year civil war in their country, these women are working to rebuild community and are a testament to the power of hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
During the war, over 50,000 children and youth were abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army and forced to fight. While the war has ended here, the effects on young people continue, particularly for young women and their children. Most female returnees came back with two or more children. Many of their families have not welcomed them because they do not want to accept the children who were born in captivity. As such, these young mothers struggle to survive.
Angela Lakor was one of these women. She was abducted as a school girl, forcibly married to an army commander, and abused in captivity for many years. After escaping with two small children in tow, she met many women like her, struggling to find acceptance back home. Together, they founded a community based organization to bring healing and reconciliation.
Last summer, we were honored to visit with Angela in Gulu and to hear her story. This year, through a partnership with Partners Worldwide and Talanta Finance, we are supporting them to continue their psychosocial support to children and mothers, lead public education and advocacy campaigns for the rights of children born in captivity, train teachers and other community organizations on the special needs of these children, and provide business training and loans to women to improve household income.
 Suzanne Broetje- Director of Vista Hermosa Foundation

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