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Friday, April 29, 2016

Why you just helped that stranger

China reveals what it wants to do with Christianity
Christianity Today: The death of a pastor's wife who was buried alive by a bulldozer trying to protect their church has shocked Christians worldwide. But the president's long-awaited speech on religion will impact Chinese Christians much more.
TIME: China's leader Xi Jinping reminds party members to be 'unyielding Marxist atheists'

Fallout from speaking out
Inside Higher Ed: A Gordon professor is suing the college, accusing it of retaliating against her for opposing a controversial request that institution be exempt from federal law barring discrimination against LGBTQ employees.

The professor has a past
New York Times: Justus Rosenberg, 95, is thought to be the last remaining member of a team assembled by the journalist Varian Fry to provide safe passage out of Vichy France to anti-fascist intellectuals fleeing the Nazis. Two thousand men and women, including Hannah Arendt, Marc Chagall and André Breton, were shepherded to safety.

Why you just helped that stranger
Wall St. Journal: Belief in a "moralizing god" may help to explain some of the human capacity for pro-social cooperation among strangers, new research indicates.

Women want to be deacons, want clergy to speak up about it
National Catholic Reporter: Catholic women who feel called to the diaconate are speaking out and sharing their stories of call, writes Christine Schenk.

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