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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The offer of salvation isn't a sales pitch.

Speaking Out
What Jen Hatmaker Gets Right about Christian Love
Reactions to her message to LGBT people highlight how confused we are about love and repentance.
Katelyn Beaty
Religion News Service writer Jonathan Merritt recently noted an apparent "shift" in stance from popular writer and speaker Jen Hatmaker. Hatmaker is best known for her wildly popular books and her and her family's home-renovation reality TV show. After a speaking event in Raleigh this weekend, she wrote the following post on Facebook: ". . . So whatever the cost and loss, this is where I am: gay teens? Gay adults? Mamas and daddies of precious gaybees? Friends and beloved neighbors of very dear LGBT folks? Here are my arms open wide"... continue reading >>

Speaking Out
China Reveals What It Wants to Do with Christianity
Bulldozer death of pastor's wife draws attention, but president's long-awaited speech on religion will impact Chinese Christians much more.
After Pastor's Wife Buried Alive, Chinese Church Wins Land Battle
Officials decide that bulldozed property does belong to Protestant house church after all.
Quick to Listen
Beyoncé's Redemptive Lemonade
Cultural critic Zakiya N. Jackson on the distinct message and the unapologetic boldness of Queen Bey.
The Local Church
6 Qualifications for Elders that Paul Forgot to Mention
Church leadership brings a heap of hilarious frustrations.
The Exchange
Evangelism or "Elevator Pitch"?
The offer of salvation isn't a sales pitch.
Going Overboard: How Our Panic Betrays God's Peace
When the storms hit and life gets real, he still proves faithful.
The Exchange
Dissertations that are Needed Today
Work to add to the body of human knowledge.

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