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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Living on a prayer

When a tiny church houses three religions
The Washington Post: On Long Island, the interweaving of a Protestant church, a Jewish synagogue, a Muslim study group and a collective for interfaith families reflects the complex religious landscape in America today.

Living on a prayer
Curbed: As developers buy up churches for condo conversion, what's next for our houses of worship?

Of science and faith, as discussed by a physicist and a cardinal
NPR: Many of Marcelo Gleiser's non-believer colleagues would think it foolish to step onto a stage with a high-ranking Vatican cardinal to discuss science and religion. But he did, and found it a memorable and inspiring event.

Why Jesus' skin color matters
Christianity Today: That he was an ethnic minority shapes how we minister today, says Christena Cleveland.

Neighbor drills through 500-year-old Italian church fresco
The Local: A sixteenth century fresco inside a Naples church was damaged on Tuesday when someone drilling next door accidentally perforated the artwork.

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