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Friday, March 11, 2016

The 10 best places for reflection

A liberal arts school pinned its hopes on a corporate leader. A culture clash ensued.
The Washington Post: Experts say more colleges want presidents with business acumen, but the uproar at Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland shows it can be very risky.

Are conservative Christians 'religious extremists'?
The Atlantic: New data show that most Americans consider the beliefs and practices of traditionalist Christians to be "extreme" -- but is that warranted?

Welby: Church is entering a new spring at last
Church Times: The Church is entering a new season of revival, despite living in an age of turmoil, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

How Christianity explains Trump
The Week: Trump looks like the incarnation of a presidential candidate for a formerly Christian culture that sometimes likes to think of itself as Christian, but worships money and power instead of Jesus.

The 10 best places for reflection
The (London) Guardian: From Reykjavik to Tate Modern, the Guardian looks at spaces to inspire contemplation during Lent.

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