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Friday, March 4, 2016

Should a pastor conduct an unbeliever's wedding?

'Spotlight' just won an Oscar. So why am I so worried about the future of religion journalism?
The Washington Post: It's the kind of news that needs both the power of investigative reporters and the knowledge of God-beat pros. But life on the religion beat is uncertain these days, says Bob Smietana.

Trump's success shows many Americans believe only in America
The (London) Guardian: The U.S. became its own church and eventually its own god, says Giles Fraser. Which is why its only real atheism is to call into question the American dream -- a dream often indistinguishable from capitalism and the celebration of winners.

Nathan Deal makes a forceful, biblical case against Georgia's 'religious liberty' bill
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia governor issued his strongest warning yet to lawmakers who are debating controversial "religious liberty" legislation seen as a conservative answer to the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling.

Off with his hat! Why we want to see cardinals punished in the abuse scandal
Religion News Service: Forgive me, Lord, but like many outraged by the clergy abuse scandal -- Catholic and non-Catholic alike -- I still want a perp walk, says Cathy Lynn Grossman.

Should a pastor conduct an unbeliever's wedding?
Christian Today: Should pastors marry people who aren't believers? It's a tricky one.

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