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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Face up to these five realities of church life today

In the age of megachurches, sometimes less is more
Religion Dispatches: Megachurches are not the only game in town. Smaller churches, operating in the urban context, are also attracting newcomers.

Face up to these five realities of church life today
Baptist News Global: Mark Wingfield dispels some myths and misunderstandings about the state of the church in America today.

Deep rifts among Israeli Jews are found in religion survey
The New York Times: A majority of Israeli Jews marry within their own religious or secular subgroups, and they inhabit largely separate social worlds, according to the findings of a survey exposing the deep gulfs over the role of religion in Israeli politics and society.

'The Good Death': Hard to find, and religion's role may be to blame
Religion News Service: "The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America" takes a close-up look at end-of-life issues and how they are both helped and hindered by faith.

The Catholic Church in Michigan just made an important concession toward gay couples
The Washington Post: The Michigan Catholic Conference is modifying its health coverage in a way that doesn't affirm gay marriage, but simply redefines who qualifies for health coverage in a way that could include same-sex couples.

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