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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Special Report on Christians in Iraq and Greece

Hope on the Refugee Highway: A Special Report on Christians in Iraq and Greece
CT visited eight refugee camps to learn how Christians on the front lines would advise American churches to engage the refugee crisis.
Jeremy Weber, in Erbil and Athens
Just beyond the still-under-construction ring road on the outer edge of Erbil, a group interview turns into a mutiny. "You already understand why we are here," says one of the 15 displaced Christians and Muslims who have gathered at a World Vision food distribution site in the capital of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region. "Everyone in America should know about our crisis by now: ISIS." This group is weary of telling NGOs and journalists why they fled their homes, and how hard and fragile life is among Erbil's abandoned buildings.... continue reading >>

Six Reasons Why ISIS Attacks on Christians Should Be Declared Genocide
When should we politicize persecution?
Pray for Refugees: How Christians Are Observing the Fifth Anniversary of Syria's Civil War
Lenten prayer campaign seeks to mobilize American churches to respond.
Do Christians Face Genocide from ISIS? US House Unanimously Votes Yes
(UPDATED) Symbolic statement adds to pressure on John Kerry's March 17 deadline.
The Gender Conversation We Aren't Having
Why sexism deserves more attention than the complementarian-egalitarian debates.
The Exchange
Amplifying Evangelism—The Secret Roots of Evangelism
Evangelism is an outgrowth of God's creative work.
The Exchange
From Preview to Launch
Reach critical mass early in your church plant.
Why We Really Put Our Kids in Sports
Our goodhearted support prioritizes athleticism more than we think.
Slow Down, You Hashtag Too Fast
We don't have to speak out on every issue.
Watching Wendell Berry, The Mad Farmer
"The Seer," a documentary about the poet, writer, and farmer, premiered at SXSW this weekend.

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