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Friday, February 26, 2016

Welcome to the Holy Ghost Zone

The role of religion in America's presidential race
The Economist: By the standards of any other Western country, the role played by faith in America's presidential race seems enormous, yet it is neither static nor easily predictable.
Pew Research: A closer look at religion in the Super Tuesday states  
Mount St. Mary's and the future of Catholic higher education
Crux: Mount St. Mary's stands as a cautionary tale for all Catholic institutions, many of which will soon face the same challenges.

Brits like their politics neatly tribal. That's why the EU debate is so unsettling
The (London) Guardian: Never kissed a Tory? Giles Fraser has. Having friendships with people whose politics are unlike ours shows that our connection is greater than our differences.

Pastor in China who resisted cross removal gets 14 years in prison
The New York Times: A court in southeastern China has sentenced a Protestant pastor to 14 years in prison and his wife to 12 years after convicting them of corruption, financial crimes and gathering people to disturb social order.

Welcome to the Holy Ghost Zone
BBC: On Sunday morning, a large number of south London's nondescript buildings are bursting with life and color inside. Tom Seymour explores the vibrant world of the city's African churches.

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