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Thursday, February 25, 2016

the end of 'Christian America'

Why we can now declare the end of 'Christian America'
The Washington Post: Though voters may speak piously and rather vaguely about Christian values and ideals, polls and election results communicate clearly that this is a nation consumed by fear, anger and suspicion, none of which are Christian virtues, says Norman Wirzba.
The wonderfully weird world of Italy's international church supplies expo
The Washington Post: The Koine expo in Vincenza, Italy, continues to unveil bread-and-butter items for churches like lighting systems and figurines but also innovative products like glow-in-the-dark Jesus figures and electronic rosaries.

Reality as revelation: "Hail Caesar!" is the Coen brothers' most religious movie yet

Religion Dispatches: From first frame to last, "Hail Caesar!" treats religion with rigor and depth.

The last of Iowa's small-town synagogues: seven members still praying

The (London) Guardian: Ottumwa's synagogue was once standing room only on high holidays but now is facing closure in what's become a common occurrence in Iowa and the Midwest.

Southern Baptists lose almost 1,000 missionaries as IMB cuts costs

Christianity Today: Total is almost twice as high as International Mission Board had expected.

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