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Monday, February 1, 2016

'I'm gay and I'm a priest, period.'

The fate of the Religious Right may be foretold in Iowa
Slate: Evangelical power brokers are losing their influence. Donald Trump is the proof.
NPR: 'I'm not electing a pastor in chief' -- How Iowa's evangelicals are deciding

'I'm gay and I'm a priest, period.'
Washington Post: At a time when the phrase "coming out" is starting to sound almost quaint, the Catholic priesthood may be one of the last remaining closets -- and it's a crowded one.

In Iowa, campaign season finds Muslims caught in a harsh spotlight
NPR: Amid a political climate in which presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that Muslims should be temporarily barred from entering the country, Cedar Rapids imam offers some sobering advice to his congregation.

Israel approves mixed-gender Jewish prayer site at Western Wall
Reuters: The Israeli government approved the creation of a mixed-gender plaza at Jerusalem's Western Wall to accommodate Jews who contest Orthodox curbs on worship by women there.

Clergy could soon be allowed to take services in jeans and hoodies
Christian Today: Dressing down on Sundays may become legal as the Church of England considers allowing clergy to wear casual clothes during services so long as they make sure to be "seemly".

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