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Monday, February 8, 2016

Building capacity through networks

Parting of ways
Inside Higher Ed: Wheaton of Illinois and professor it tried to fire over her statements about God reach deal under which she will leave.
Religion News Service: Wheaton provost apologizes to Larycia Hawkins; she's leaving 

Obama: Embrace our common humanity
America: The president writes: "Right now, many Muslim Americans are worried because threats and harassment against their community are on the rise. When any part of our American family is made to feel isolated or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation. So we have to tackle this problem together, head-on." Obama wrote this opinion piece for the Religion News Service and its subscribers.

Building capacity through networks
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Nonprofits that are part of a network can leverage resources and knowledge to build capacity more effectively than nonprofits that "go it alone." As network members become engaged, the network itself begins to constitute a valuable "bank account" of relationships that contributes to compounding the network's collective capacity.

Need to find, keep, and maximize talent today? Look to an old-school example, Gene Roberts
NiemanLab: Dartmouth business professor Sydney Finkelstein studies leadership, and his new book "Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent" looks at how a small number of business leaders, through their skill developing others, end up having an outsized impact on their fields. One of the "superbosses" he profiles is Gene Roberts, the legendary editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Pastor spreads the word -- about getting out of the grip of debt
The Washington Post: DeForest Soaries is a man on a mission. The senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, N.J., is passionately concerned about something that entangles a large part of the population: consumer debt.

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