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Friday, January 8, 2016

Wheaton shows split among U.S. evangelicals

In treatment of professor, Wheaton shows split among U.S. evangelicals
Christian Science Monitor: Wheaton's handling of Larycia Hawkins, the college's first tenured black woman in its 156-year history, has caused a furor within evangelical circles over the past month, and is a reminder of this American subculture's ongoing grappling with the parameters of its Christian identity -- and the ways it responds to changes within U.S. society.
Religion News Service: Wheaton College, Doc Hawk, and a whole heap of trouble

For creative people, it's dangerous to wear disorganization as a badge of honor
Big Think: In a world filled with chaotic, highly disorganized creative people, it's important to be clear and decisive in your professional life. This means taking gambles on decisions that may or may not be the "right" one.

French bishops ask: What have we learned one year after Charlie Hebdo attacks?
America: The nation's bishops asked what people learned and emphasized that religions must live and work together in society: "Every suspicious glance at religions injures believers and serves to exclude them from the national community."

Change management and leadership development have to mesh
Harvard Business Review: Change initiatives -- which require a deviation from a dominant set of norms and behaviors -- are the best learning environments for star managers to develop leadership skills, as well as a necessary component of a successful culture-change initiative.

Urban drama: Talking about cities with Noah Toly and Milton Friesen, part I
Comment: Shining a light in the shadowed backstage of global cities.

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