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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wheaton College seeks to fire professor over view of Islam

Millennials' views of news media, religious organizations grow more negative
Pew Research Center: Younger generations tend to have more-positive views than their elders of a number of institutions that play a big part in American society. But for some institutions -- such as churches and the news media -- Millennials' opinions have become markedly more negative in the past five years.

Wheaton College seeks to fire professor over view of Islam
Chicago Tribune: Larycia Hawkins, a tenured political science professor who in December demonstrated solidarity with her Muslim neighbors by wearing a hijab, said at the end of last year that the college appeared ready to force her out after she had rejected recommendations to resign. This week she received word from Provost Stanton Jones that the termination process had begun.
Religion News Service: Wheaton professor's views triggered online hate storm

This business school will change the world, if it can survive
Bloomberg Business: Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco wants to train sustainability-minded "mavericks" to take over the corporate world.

How Obama made gun control a religious freedom issue
Religion Dispatches: In announcing new executive action to more rigorously enforce requirements for background checks to purchase guns, President Obama called for balancing the rights of gun owners with other constitutional rights. He then enumerated cases of gun violence in places of worship and people murdered with guns because of their faith.

Francis warns church against 'deceiving itself' by thinking it operates under its own power
National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis says the church has an obligation to those who are waiting to learn about Christ and may be in need of a message of mercy and peace. The pontiff has also warned church leaders from thinking the faith can attract people on its own power, emphasizing that "the Church cannot deceive itself into thinking that it shines with its own light."

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