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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Don't scapegoat the messenger

David Bowie's spectacular afterlife
Religion News Service: David Bowie was "not quite an atheist." He could never bring himself fully to disbelief.
Saint David Bowie? Not yet, but faith leaders pay respects to dead rocker

Lenfest donates newspapers, website to new media institute The linkage of news company, media institute and foundation breaks ground -- and offers potential hope -- in what has become a desperate economic environment for many traditional news organizations.

Anglican split over sexuality 'would not be a disaster', says Justin Welby
The Telegraph: Archbishop of Canterbury says 'there's nothing I can do if people decide that they want to leave the room' as make-or-break talks begin.

The story of a digital teddy bear shows how college learning is changing
The Chronicle of Higher Education: The story of this toy bear and its student inventor encapsulates an important trend in how colleges and students are changing the way they think about education -- and about the value of getting a higher education on a physical campus. It also represents one of the biggest new tech trends at the International Consumer Electronics Show this year that might change education -- the idea that emotion and a stronger sense of physical presence can be transmitted online.

Don't scapegoat the messenger
Inside Higher Ed: My experiences have taught me to ask a very important question when I read a statement about a communication officer's inability to implement strategy: Was there a strategy and direction for them to implement and communicate in the first place?

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