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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Divided over diversity

Pope Francis: World's powerful are 'slaves to sin' who risk hell by ignoring the poor
Religion News Service: Pope Francis is taking direct aim at the wealthy and powerful of the world in his message for Lent.

Along the edges of faith: the many sectors of American chaplains
Religion & Politics: It's unclear that the many types of chaplains share much beyond the title. But they might do their best work as people who care and can go between multiple constituencies, facilitating understanding and, in some cases, even hope.

From the collection basket to the bank: Lax practices mean lost money
National Catholic Reporter: Sin and the Trinity are two elementary points of Catholic theology in the work of Michael W. Ryan, a retired U.S. Postal security specialist, who has spent more than two decades alerting church authorities to fixing accounting lapses in parish collections.

Jerry Falwell boosts Trump, sidelines religion
The Atlantic: The evangelical leader's political calculus has changed.
Houston Chronicle: First Baptist Dallas' Jeffress can't "officially" endorse Trump, but...

Divided over diversity
Inside Higher Ed: Did Baylor U's new provost step down over faculty objections to his diversity initiative, in particular his plan to hire a chief diversity officer? Does diversity look different at a Christian university?

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