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Friday, December 11, 2015

Why I Didn't Cheer for Jerry Falwell Jr.

John Danforth: I'm Not Absolutely Right, and You're Not Absolutely Wrong
The former senator and United Nations ambassador says religious people should be the leading voices for political compromise.
Interview by Jake Meador
Americans are bitterly divided on a host of political and cultural issues. John Danforth regrets that religion has often been deployed to deepen our divisions rather than to seek the common good. In The Relevance of Religion: How Faithful People Can Change Politics (Random House), the former Episcopal priest, Republican senator, and United Nations ambassador argues that communities of faith can restore a spirit of civility... continue reading >>

Liberty Student: Why I Didn't Cheer for Jerry Falwell Jr.
Guns in our pockets or not, Christians shouldn't celebrate killing.
The Risky Moral Gambit of 'The Big Short'
It pays off.
The Exchange
Is Your Heart Ready to Help?
A lot of noise is swirling around about refugees, America, and the local church. What do we make of it?
The Exchange
20 Truths From The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership
What does extraordinary leadership look like? Learn from Jenni Catron's new book.

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