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Friday, December 4, 2015

Why the church can't stop gun violence

On ‘thoughts and prayers’ after the San Bernardino shooting
Christianity Today: Prayer -- and lament -- is the proper first response to tragedy, says Andy Crouch.
Slate: “Prayer-shaming” isn't about attacking prayer

Why the church can't stop gun violence
Religion Dispatches: Religious advocates for gun control are caught on the horns of a dilemma.

Lest we forget: the growing numbers of our outcast dead, destroyed by poverty
The (London) Guardian: A historic pauper's cemetery in the middle of London has contemporary echoes, Giles Fraser says.

‘His own received him not’
Commonweal: The perfect (neglected) Christmas gospel reading.

Church creates elf ‘controversy’ to share Christmas message
Northwest Florida Daily News: The latest marketing campaign from Shoreline Church is a little confusing, but that's a good thing according to the brains behind it.
Michigan Live: Michigan church using ‘Star Wars Christmas’ to attract millennials

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