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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mary's enduring appeal

Prayer shaming after a mass shooting in San Bernardino
The Atlantic: Following the murder of at least 14 people in California, the reaction against calls for prayer has been sharp.

Religion News Service: Why “thoughts and prayers” don't belong on Twitter 

National Geographic cover story reveals Mary's enduring appeal
Catholic News Service: Maureen Orth, a special correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine who has written about music icons, world leaders, and Hollywood celebrities, tackled a completely different subject for National Geographic magazine: the Virgin Mary.

Surprise change in how multiethnic churches affect race views
Christianity Today: They're now altering black attitudes more than white ones. But is that bad?

Pope orders audit of church's wealth as whistleblowers pursued
Bloomberg Business: Pope Francis, galvanized by a scandal over Vatican finances, has ordered the most powerful bodies in the city-state to launch an unprecedented audit of its wealth and crack down on runaway spending.

Asbury Seminary plans to sponsor Syrian refugee family
Jessamine (Ky.) Journal: In the wake of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, Asbury Seminary is hoping it can help a refugee family make its home in Kentucky.

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