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Friday, December 18, 2015

It is about the hijab

Thoughts on the countdown to sainthood for Mother Teresa
Crux: As the countdown to canonization begins, John Allen offers three observations about how things may play out between now and the big day.

Why are non-Muslim women wearing the hijab?
Christian Science Monitor: Wheaton professor is part of a growing cohort of women and girls in the United States and elsewhere who have used the headscarf as a means of identifying with the challenges hijabi women face.

Religion Dispatches: It is about the hijab: Wheaton College and the narrowing criteria for evangelical belonging 

Magical thinking about progress won't save planet Earth
The (London) Guardian: Growth is the philosopher's stone that offers to turn all things into gold. But, like all belief in magic -- ie the belief in a free lunch -- it points to a fall, Giles Fraser says.

Furor over Arabic assignment leads Virginia school district to close Friday
Washington Post: A Virginia school system decided to close schools today after a high school geography assignment on world religions led to allegations of Islamic indoctrination and a slew of angry emails and phone calls.

In America's heartland, building one home for three faiths
NPR: A mosque, a church and a synagogue go up on the site of an old Jewish country club … It sounds like the setup to a joke -- but it's not. It's actually happening in Omaha, Neb.

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