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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is Jesus the Reason for the Season?

Unfundamentalist Christians
Do You Hear What I Hear?
by Jill Crainshaw
Why we must resist the temptation to see the Nativity story as a series of picturesque snow globe scenes.
Ask Shaunti
Want a Truly Happy Holiday? 4 Reasons You Should "Let It Go"
by Shaunti Feldhahn
Don't miss what matters most because you're holding on to what's not important.
Pilgrim's Road Trip
Unintended Consequences of the Jesus Movement: The Christmas Edition
by Michelle Van Loon
Christmas is the perfect lens to ponder who we've been, and who God is calling us to be.
Daughters of Eve
Being the Best Versions of Ourselves: A Holiday Reflection
by Cecily Joy Willowe
I love the people who embody the season of giving; the families who are able to put their differences aside and come together over holiday dinners; the smiling strangers, the caroling, and the playfulness.
Interfaith Encounters
Is Jesus the Reason for the Season?
by Robert Hunt
Christians must accept that Jesus isn't the reason for the season ... and never was.
Through Broken Roses
Finding Your Christmas Spirit ... on the Dance Floor?
by Leticia Adams
Some of us need a disco ball to get into the Christmas spirit.
American Buddhist Perspectives
The Santa Claus Sutra: Christmas Becomes Buddhist
by Justin Whitaker
Buddhists have always taken on and re-valorized aspects of contemporary dominant culture. Could Christmas become a genuine Buddhist holiday?

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