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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Building a Volunteer Culture in Your Church

The Year in Liturgical Cinema: Epiphany
The Avas and Samanthas of our world—the technological avatars—cannot replace the power of fleshly presence.
Joel Mayward
Bodies are gross. At least that's what I learned growing up in a conservative evangelical environment, where I heard numerous warnings about the dangers of sex, the importance of modest attire, and the apparent biblical equation between "flesh" and "sin." A quick reading of Romans 8 or Galatians 5 drives the point home: flesh = bad. Many evangelicals seem deeply uncomfortable with the human body. So perhaps it's not surprising... continue reading >>

Ed Cash Leaves the Gathering, Citing 'Troubling Allegations'
Departure comes after the cult-like group's founder, Wayne Jolley, was accused of spiritual and sexual abuse.
The 10 Most-Read Stories of the Persecuted Church
China removes 400 crosses, the US deports Iraqi Christians, and ISIS beheads dozens.
Noonday Collection: Where Fashion Statement Meets Mission Statement
One of the fastest-growing companies in the country supports global artisans and funds Christian adoptions.
The Pro-Life Call to Remember our 'Old Acquaintance'
Seeing the aged as a blessing rather than a burden.
The Exchange
Building a Volunteer Culture in Your Church
It can be difficult, at times, to recruit volunteers at church. How might we create a volunteer culture in our churches?

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