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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

‘Why hold a child hostage to my doubts?’

Catholicism can and must change, Francis forcefully tells Italian church gathering
National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis has strongly outlined anew a comprehensive vision for the future of the Catholic church, forcefully telling a meeting of the Italian church community that our times require a deeply merciful Catholicism that is unafraid of change.

Taking special vows in theology
First Thing: Richard Mouw has come to rely on two analogies for the benefits that theological diversity yields.

“Spotlight” portrayal of sex abuse scandal is making the Catholic Church uncomfortable all over again
Washington Post: “Spotlight,” a new film about the Catholic clergy abuse scandal's explosion in 2002, begs the question: How are things different in 2015?

‘Why hold a child hostage to my doubts?’
Slate: The confusing, complicated desire of parents with no religion to raise their kids with faith.

Experts predict construction of religious buildings will increase for the first time in 13 years
Deseret News: Long decline in construction of religious buildings appears to have bottomed out, with slight increase predicted for next year.

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