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Monday, November 16, 2015

Does religion give rise to violence?

Pope: Religious justification for Paris attacks ‘blasphemy,’ love of neighbor needed
National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis condemns the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, saying he wanted to express closeness to the families of the victims and calling any religious justification for such attacks “blasphemy.”

Washington Post: Don't offer bumper-sticker theology: Five simple ways to help after the Paris attacks 
Does religion give rise to violence -- or the other way around?
Religion News Service: French philosopher René Girard's most lasting cultural legacy is to provide an intellectual basis for Christian pacifism.

“Did I do what I should have done?”: white clergy in 1960s Mississippi
Oxford University Press blog: In Mississippi, the state known as “the toughest nut to crack” by movement leaders, a few white church pastors tried to do the right thing.

Mormon resignations put support for gays over fealty to faith
The New York Times: Mormons lined up in Salt Lake City on Saturday to hand in their resignations from the church.

Houston deaf church enhances sanctuary with vibrating floor and high-tech lighting
Houston Chronicle: Houston deaf church held first sermon at renovated sanctuary.

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