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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Who loves Pope Francis after his U.S. trip?

Who loves Pope Francis after his U.S. trip? Democrats and liberals.
Washington Post: Some Americans appear to be generating more positive vibes toward the Catholic Church after Pope Francis's trip to the United States last month.

Religious or not, many Americans see a creator's hand
Religion News Service: You don't have to believe in God or identify with any religion to see a creator's hand in human life and morality, suggests a new survey.

'He's in the classroom'
Baptist News Global: Bill Leonard spent much of his adult life in the sacred space of classrooms, where student and teacher alike should confront the vulnerability of life and death ideas, but not life and death itself.

Ordain women? Vatican synod gets an unexpected proposal
Religion News Service: The most controversial proposal floated so far at the high-level, high-stakes Vatican summit on church teachings on the family had nothing to do with gays or divorce, but instead ordaining women -- not as priests, but as deacons.

Settle in around the headstone for a picnic
National Catholic Reporter: Melissa Musick Nussbaum grew up among grandparents who went every year to their birthplaces for the family grave-cleaning and dinner on the ground.

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