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Monday, October 19, 2015

What I Learned From Being a Vegas Call Girl

From the Bahá'í Faith to Porn to Alpha to Jesus
God has been faithful all during my winding journey to complete surrender.
Emily Armstrong
I always wanted to be self-made. Raised in Caledonia, Ontario, I was identified in third grade as gifted, and from then on was keenly aware that I should "act smart." I only participated in things I knew I would do well... continue reading >>

What I Learned From Being a Vegas Call Girl
Hookers for Jesus founder: Lamar Odom news is just a glimpse at the industry's brokenness.
Died: Bob Pierce's and Billy Graham's Bible Translator to India
Rochunga Pudaite went on from Wheaton College to found Bibles For The World.
The Exchange
What Is the Missional Church? (Part 2)—The Missional Manifesto, Continued
Today, we continue to look at the Missional Manifesto and how churches can actively equip their people to live on mission.

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