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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Missional Church And Its Manifesto

Was the Samaritan Woman Really an Adulteress?
We know her as sexually immoral. Her community would have known otherwise.
Lynn H. Cohick
Florence came to my house twice a week, selling vegetables. She carried on her back a bag weighing nearly 40 pounds. With its strap across her forehead and the load on her back, she hunched along dirt roads about two hours each way to the cluster of houses where my husband and I lived in Kijabe, Kenya... continue reading >>

Pope Francis' Latest Convert: Kirsten Powers
Fox News commentator announces that she's becoming Catholic.
What We Can Learn from the NFL's Domestic Violence Problem
Like NFL wife Dorothy Newton, many victims of abuse suffer in silence.
Watch This Way
Just Try Something: A Dispatch from the New York Film Festival
When it comes to movies, it might be better to try and fail than to play it too safe.
The Exchange
The Missional Church And Its Manifesto
"Missional" has been used and abused for years. What does it mean and what does a missional church look like?
The Exchange
Saturday is for Seminars: Lynchburg, Boston, Minneapolis, and Chicago
ReFuel, The Surprising Work of God, National Association of Evangelicals, Transform Minnesota, and Wheaton Trustees.

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