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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sister Joan Chittister, the dissident nun, shares her secret life

Catholic Church leaders issue appeal on climate change
The New York Times: Roman Catholic cardinals, patriarchs and bishops from around the world on Monday appealed to climate-change negotiators to approve a “fair, legally binding and truly transformational climate agreement” when they meet at a widely anticipated United Nations conference in Paris next month.

REI shocks retail world by closing for Black Friday, paying 12,000 employees to ‘opt outside’
Forbes: What REI is doing here is well aligned with some important trends among customers today: a desire for authenticity and search for attached meaning.

How Emory University is getting students to ask the big questions
The Huffington Post: Professors aim not only to equip students with the right credits for a degree and skills for the workplace, but also to help them ask and think about the cosmic questions any emerging adult encounters. What is a life well-lived? What is purpose? How do you define success, joy and happiness?

Nobody cares how hard you work
99U: We chronically confuse the feeling of effort with the reality of results -- and for anyone working in a creative field, that means the constant risk of frittering time and energy on busywork, instead of the work that counts.

Sister Joan Chittister, the dissident nun, shares her secret life
Religion News Service: Veteran Catholic writer Tom Roberts thought he knew Sister Joan Chittister -- the maverick Benedictine nun who dares speak her mind to her church. He didn’t.

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