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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Physician-Assisted Suicide in California Becomes Legal

Cover Story
Why You Shouldn't Call That False Teaching a Heresy
How to tell which errors deserve the ultimate warning label.
Justin S. Holcomb
A group of bloggers seeking reform in Southern Baptist circles recently decried pastor Rick Warren for teaching that God communicates to believers via dreams. The bloggers named Warren and other speakers at a 2015 Hillsong conference "heretical preachers that... continue reading >>

Cover Story
Do You Believe A False Teaching?
Answer these questions to find out.
Cover Story
History's Biggest Heresies
False teachings condemned by the church.
Why Christians Need to Embrace a Changing Definition of Family
Single friends: We "traditional" families need you.
Physician-Assisted Suicide in California Becomes Legal as Gov. Brown Signs Bill
(UPDATED) Controversial law, inspired by Brittany Maynard, allows physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill.
The Exchange
Is Your Church a Level Five Multiplying Church?
I'm thankful for Dave Ferguson and Todd Wilson's new book. Here's my foreword to it.

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