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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pastor, what do you do for fun?

Family ties
Commonweal: It is within families that we learn -- or fail to learn -- what it means to be responsible for one another. No wonder Francis thinks that in order to repair the world you must begin at home.

Assisted suicide: Is California's new law a tipping point?
Christian Science Monitor: California's new law makes assisted suicide a legal option for nearly 1 in 6 Americans. Several states are expected to take up similar proposals.

The Week: In praise of California's new assisted-suicide law

Pastor, what do you do for fun?
Christianity Today: If you put so much time into ministry that you don't have time for fun, here's why you need to make time.

How to keep young people like me in church
Adventist Review: Kelti Barcelow says the key to retaining her generation is moving young people from spectators to participants.

Three steps your church can take to confront gun violence
Baptist News Global: Changing the culture of our country will take the determined efforts of people all across America, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

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