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Friday, October 16, 2015

Palestinian rioters torch Jewish holy site Joseph's Tomb

Oldest King James Bible draft discovered: Did translators work alone?
Christian Science Monitor: An American scholar has found the earliest known draft of the King James Bible, hidden in a 400-year-old notebook in a British library. It is the only draft ever found in a hand that can be definitively identified as belonging to one of the King James translators themselves.
Times Literary Supplement: Fruit of good labours

Palestinian rioters torch Jewish holy site Joseph's Tomb
BBC: Rioters set fire to a tomb revered as that of the biblical figure Joseph. This was the latest in an upsurge in violence that began last month when tensions at a flashpoint holy site in Jerusalem boiled over amid rumors Israel planned to relax long-standing rules to increase Jewish rights at the complex.

Plan to defect cited in fatal beating at New York church
New York Times: Interviews with investigators and defense lawyers on Thursday yielded a portrait of a controlling, meddlesome church whose members sought to handle any problems internally.

Educating to innovate
Inside Higher Ed: A researcher finds that innovation cannot be taught like math or writing. But it can be inculcated by focusing on the interplay of the skills, experiences and environments of successful innovators.

D.C. church says a bike lane would infringe upon its constitutional ‘rights of religious freedom’
Washington Post: The city agreed to make the bike lane unprotected in front of United House of Prayer, a 90-year-old church. The church was happy, but cycling advocates warned that it could set a dangerous precedent.

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