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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Liberal Catholicism’s Catholicism problem

Women's Assembly re-imagines traditions at Parliament of the World's Religions
KSL: The gathering of 8,000 people in Salt Lake City representing faiths from across the globe included its first-ever Women's Assembly, which held workshops and presentations on social justice, religious traditions, sexual violence, human rights and dignity of women.

Colonial church re-emerges from reservoir
ABC News: The drought that has plagued parts of Mexico led to an exciting discovery after a colonial church was revealed in the middle of a reservoir that dropped 80 feet. The church likely was built in the 1500s but was abandoned due to plagues in the mid-1700s.

The misplaced fear of religion in classrooms
The Atlantic: Linda K. Wertheimer, a veteran education writer and editor, examines the friction and confrontation over teaching religion in public schools in her new book, “Faith Ed: Teaching about Religion in an Age of Intolerance.”

The Guardian: Government launches hunt for extremists across public sector
The Guardian: Trojan horse inquiry: ‘A coordinated agenda to impose hardline Sunni Islam’

Liberal Catholicism’s Catholicism problem
New York Times: Ross Douthat writes to “explain a little more why conservative Catholics are consistently un-reassured, in the ongoing argument in Rome over communion for the divorced and remarried, by our liberal co-religionists’ insistence that nothing doctrinal is being opened for debate.”
Religion Dispatches blog: The plot to turn the Synod into a ‘plot’

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